Because the environment is important to us

Welcome to our climate hotel Friesenhus

Carolinensiel belongs to the world heritage of the mudflats. To live up to this image we have modernized in order to comfort not just our guests but also help the environment with minimal CO2 emissions; completely invisible to the eye on our 1500 sq.

Because a healthy future is important to us

The principles of environmental protection are also taken into account while choosing all our biodegradable cleaning products. Furthermore, all our wooden furniture is made from raw wood and are solemnly treated with ecological oils and waxes to not put a strain on nature. Finally, we decided to use a car consuming natural gas from 2006 on.

It is no surprise but hard work that we have been honored e.g. in the magazine Öko-Test for our environmental achievements.

So you see, the resolutions of the World Climate Conference are already being developed in East Friesland. By delivering energy to our neighbors we have put our own climate change addition into the minus. We decrease our Co2 emissions to zero and have made ourselves independent from fossil commodities.

Geothermal heat

We don’t just save energy but also water!



Earth radiation

Biotope and Grey-Water System

Drinking water


We produce and use our own electricity!